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Why Your Vote Counts

May 5th, 2020

The Office of the Sheriff has always been very important to me. Even before I decided to seek election, I genuinely cared a lot about who was or is to be elected for this office. Because so much of our lives depend on who we trust to keep our community safe. While I believe that all of the other candidates truly have Dixie County’s best interest at heart, I also believe that my experience in law enforcement actually working drug cases, theft cases, homicides, corrections in the jail, etc and building years worth of relationships with those in the community, make me the more qualified candidate to do this job. 
There will be no learning curve (per se) if I’m elected. We will hit the ground running. Providing the citizens with real change at a much faster rate. Those who are openly flaunting their drug habits or scoping out things to steal in our neighborhoods will have to go into hiding very quickly. Because every time they look behind them, left or right, or ahead... one of us will be there! 
We all want our kids to be able to ride their bicycles, play basketball, or walk to a friends down the street without fear or worry that someone high on drugs or with some other ill-intent is going to feel free enough to openly ride down our streets with no consequences.
If elected, I will lead this office into a rapid change that will show results quickly and effectively. However, no matter whom is elected, I will support that individual 100%, because that’s what this office means to me. I love Dixie County and all of our citizens. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or message me. God Bless!

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